It’s no secret that people work harder when others are counting on them. And it’s no surprise that we’re better at sticking to shared commitments than those we tackle solo. Structured like fantasy sports leagues but with you and your friends scoring the points in weekly match-ups against other teams, Moove helps you hit your fitness goals and satisfies your inner athlete through the power of accountability, teamwork, and competition.

get mooving


Round up some buddies, join a league, and create a team.


Break a sweat every day and rack up points for your team.


Finish out the week against your matchup. (Fridays can get intense.)

Head to Head

don’t just stand there,

bust a moove.

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if you’re sweating, you’re scoring.

The way you Moove is up to you. Earn points surfing. Lifting. Spinning. Hiking. Walking. Weeding. Practicing yoga. Rowing. Just about any activity lands you on the leaderboard.

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Catch up at @moove_together